Causeway Coast Eco Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

Eco Friendly Accommodation

When planning the renovation of The Pyjama Factory we decided that we would like to make the holiday home as environmentally friendly as possible. Using construction methods and materials specially selected to ensure that each holiday home is low carbon, we have produced four properties that will have a reduced impact on their environment.

We have taken many steps to ensure the accommodation is comfortable as well as being low-carbon, these include:

  • Walls and ceiling are insulated with over 160mm of insulation
  • Secondary internal glazing has been installed to add extra insulation and to reduce energy use
  • Heat is generated using an air source heat pump and highly efficient boiler
  • Low energy lightbulbs throughout
  • All taps are aerated to reduce water use
  • Sustainable bamboo flooring

"Within the constraints imposed by its location in the Conservation Area of historic Bushmills, The Pyjama Factory has been successfully designed for sustainable tourism, The building is designed to operate as a Low Carbon Building, without the use of visually intrusive technologies. The building is insulated to a high standard ensuring that minimal energy is required to heat the building, and to ensure the properties are always kept at a comfortable temperature.

Heat is provided from a small air source heat pump (sized for average outside winter temperatures to achieve maximum efficiency) on demand to a district heating system. Each property has it’s own time and temperature control and low temperature heat is delivered to fan coil radiators that heat using approximately 40% less energy than a traditional radiator system. Each property is maintained at a certain temperature at all times so that minimum energy is required to boost temperatures. In extremes of temperature a small condensing oil boiler boosts the heating system on demand. Each fan coil radiator has on board optimised temperature control and each property has an overriding time and temperature control to ensure minimum energy consumption.

Hot water is provided by the oil boiler via the district heating system to individual hot water cylinders in each property. The cylinders have been optimised for minimum energy requirement and each has time and temperature control. The electrical system has been designed so that, on leaving the building, all non essential items are automatically disconnected from the power supply."

Tony Traill & Element Consultants Ltd